What a Trip by Michelle Griep

Christian Fantasy

It’s that vacation time of year—complete with gas prices large enough to choke a horse. In fact, many people are reevaluating their budgets to see if traveling is even an option. But before you slash and burn your get-away plans, there’s an alternative you might want to consider.

Time travel.

Just think of it…no TSA. No big hairy man with blue rubber gloves to grope, I mean check your private parts. Nor are you forced through an x-ray that not only shows that last piece of cheesecake you ate but also whether it landed on your hips or your thighs.

Granted, baggage can be an issue but seriously, do you really need to pack that much? You won’t whack out your back by lugging around a heavy suitcase (even if it is on wheels).

And whoa baby, what an adventure. Why settle for yet another beach vacation where you know you’ll soak up too many UV rays? Or Disneyland? Overrated. Not to mention expensive. One-up your neighbors and visit the future or the past. Imagine the pix you can post on your Facebook page.

Fabulous reasons, eh? But I know what you’re thinking. Michelle, time travel isn’t a viable option because, to put it mildly, IT’S NOT REAL.

Don’t let that minor detail keep you from the time of your life. Time travel books are a great way to escape the summer heat, and fortunately they abound on Amazon or at your public library. Go green and pick up a book for your great escape.

Need some recommendations? If you’re looking for a Viking age adventure complete with pillaging barbarians, then check out my latest release UNDERCURRENT. Or if a Wizard of Oz quest with a medieval twist piques your interest, then my other book GALLIMORE is the thing for you.

Author Lisa Mangum recently completed the Hourglass Door trilogy and it’s amazing. Two thumbs up! It brings Dante (yes, the dude of Inferno fame) to the present via a doorway constructed by DaVinci. Titles are: The Hourglass Door, The Golden Spiral and the Forgotten Locket.

An oldie but a goodie is Michael Crichton’s Timeline. Big beefy knights. Edge of your seat action. And yes, a happy ending.

If you’ve never tried a time travel novel, give it a whirl this summer. Sure beats five bucks a gallon.

Michelle Griep has been writing since she first discovered blank wall space and Crayolas. She seeks to glorify God in all that she writes–except for that teenage graffiti phase.

Michelle’s debut novel, Gallimore, was released by Black Lyon Publishing in 2008, and reissued by Thorndike in large print, 2010. She is also featured in CUP OF COMFORT FOR MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS (Adams Media 2009) and LIFE SAVORS FOR WOMEN (Tyndale 2008). Several of her scripts appear in TRAVELING CALVARY’S ROAD (CSS Publishing 2007).

She lives in St Louis Park, MN. Visit her website at Mmgriep.com

My question for you: Do you have a favorite time travel tale?


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