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As children formed in His image, God gave us the unique capacity to imagine and create–a gift I value greatly. When I find like-minded souls, those who cherish this treasure, it’s always exciting…and it appears many of these creative individuals have banded together over at The Story Warren.

Some of you may be familiar with The Rabbit Room, self-dubbed as “an experiment in creative community.” Fantasy writers Andrew Peterson and Jonathan Rogers contribute, as do a number of artists and musicians. One of the writers of Rabbit Room has launched a new site, entitled The Story Warren. The mission of The Story Warren is “to serve you as you seek to foster holy imagination in the children you love.”

While it has a clear family-centric focus, it offers plenty on imagination and creativity that those of all stages of life should be able to appreciate. My husband and I don’t have children yet, but I appreciate the perspective offered by the Story Warren and the goal of the team there to nurture holy imagination in adults and children alike.

To give you a little taste of the sort of discussion happening there, here’s an excerpt of today’s post:

Rejecting imaginative stories (and play) atrophies the “muscles” we need to love each other, by refusing to see the world from a different perspective. It encourages the assumption that our perspective, our way of life, is most important.

Only after surrendering to a story, walking in someone else’s shoes, can we recognize their triumphs, struggles and sins as fundamentally human, and therefore akin to ours. But if approached with humility, this discovery of kinship can uniquely encourage and convict us.

In my own small way, I hope to nurture holy imagination and creativity amid discussions of story and fantasy and faith. Even more, it’s my joy to point toward others who serve as champions of God-given creativity, and the Story Warren team has made a strong start down this path. So stop by and visit them when you have a chance.


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