The Promise of Life


Yes, Easter technically passed yesterday, but we’re in a time of spring, rife with promises of resurrection and life. Given that, I’d like to highlight an Easter poem shared in The Rabbit Room, a community blog run by musicians, authors, and artists.

If you’re a creative-minded individual, a lover of fancy and the realm of imagination, you should stop by sometime and peruse the wealth of posts. For those with a specific interest in fantasy, Jonathan Rogers (author of The Charlatan’s Boy and the Wilderking Trilogy) and Andrew Peterson (author of At the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness and North! Or Be Eaten) post on a regular basis.

And it’s Andrew’s poem that I recommend taking a peek at. It opens with these words:

I lie in bed these sweet few days
When the windows yet are open
And the weather yet is fine,
And love to hear the dead of night
Announce its living presence
With hoot and croak and creeping vine…

Read more of his Night Poem.

Image credit: Kathy1006

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