The Far Country (and giveaway results)

Book Giveaway Christian Fantasy

My enjoyment of Andrew Peterson’s writing has sparked my interest in his music, and a recent visit to the Rabbit Room store revealed that he is  offering his most recent album The Far Country free for a limited time. You can listen to samples (and get the link for the free download) here.

This is what Christianity Today had to say about The Far Country:

“A songwriter’s songwriter of the same caliber as Rich Mullins and Sara Groves, and one deserving of more recognition for his strong sense of melody and lyrical insight. Andrew Peterson has long relied on Scripture and personal anecdotes to color his storytelling, but this time he refines his wordplay further by drawing on his love of fantasy and literature, resulting in songs of increased depth, yet still very approachable.

Though the album is seemingly preoccupied with death, it is actually a joyful affirmation of life and the journey to our true home in heaven. That’s a message all can appreciate…”

God imprinted a yearning for eternity in the heart of man (Ecclesiastes 3:11). Fantastic tales often provide a poignant reminder of our ultimate destiny–a glimpse of naturally supernatural realms–and I’m eager to see how Peterson has captured this longing for eternity in song and music as well. So if you didn’t win The Monster in the Hollows giveaway, his offering of The Far Country is another opportunity to learn more about his work.

And speaking of the giveaway, the winner was Jenni Noordhoek. Congratulations, Jenni! I hope you enjoy the book.

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