Our Fate as Immortals


Immortality often finds its way onto the pages of fantasy novels, with characters and races in possession of unending days—or at least of life extending into thousands of years. Sometimes this immortality proves a blessing, other times, to peoples trapped in fallen worlds, it acts more as a curse. But as blessing, curse, or indifferent fact of an imagined land, it runs as a common thread throughout fantasy. And in this way, fantasy provides an accurate reflection of life and the longing for eternity.

So why does this yearning for eternal, immortal life pulse within us, even as we’re bound by the temporal constraints of this world?

Because God set a desire for eternity in the hearts of mankind (Ecclesiastes 3:11), not so we would long in futility for the impossible, but because He intended to fulfill this desire, offering us eternity unmarred by pain, sorrow, or loss. We have the stunning privilege of traveling from short prelude of this life into the fullness of one that will never end.

It’s a heady reality, and one too often shoved to the edges of our minds as unworthy of contemplation. But here is the truth: I am immortal. You are immortal, if you are in Christ.*

Do you know what glories you are destined for? Your spirit has already been made new, transfigured entirely, your soul is being transformed, and at the end of time your body also will be conformed to the image of Christ’s body, eternal, immortal, and incorruptible. (1 Corinthians 15:53-54, 2 Timothy 1:10) Scripture resounds with this triumphant theme of life eternal.

Therefore, I would challenge you—get a vision for eternity. Not from the portrayals in popular culture. Not from your own preconceived ideas. But straight from the Bible. Allow your imagination to engage with truth and your mind to find awe at the reality of what awaits you.  Remember, God set eternity in your heart…and He provided the means to enter into it.

A right understanding of eternity and our destiny should impact how we live daily life. How does this play out in your life? If you have thoughts regarding eternity and what Scripture has to say on the subject, I’d like to hear them.

*Meaning you have unending life, in the truest, fullest sense, as opposed to those not in Christ who will exist forever (therefore they are immortal in a sense), but face a bleak eternity.

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