Monster in the Hollows, Day 1: A Review

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Several years ago, I stumbled across a book with an unusual title: On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness. It had an even longer subtitle: Adventure, Peril, Lost Jewels, and the Fearsome Toothy Cows of Scree. And a nice little addendum at the bottom: The Wingfeather Saga Book One.

The title and all the ancillary information hinted a quirky, unusual tale, sufficient to make me pick up the book despite lack of familiarity with the author (musician Andrew Peterson). The book delivered on its implicit promise to delight and entertain, and I finished it with no doubt in my mind that I wanted to continue journeying with Janner, Tink, and Leeli through the rest of their saga.

Since the series managed to hook me with the first book, I read and gave an in-depth review of the third Wingfeather novel, The Monster in the Hollows, back when it released in May.

So to launch our tour, I’d like to point you to that review. Here’s a brief excerpt:

“Does The Monster in the Hollows live up to its claims of ‘mystery, betrayal, and sneakery?’ Absolutely, in delightful and unexpected ways. As a whole, The Wingfeather Saga has a unique charm, and The Monster in the Hollows is no exception…”

Read on to find out what makes the book so special and what type of audience will likely enjoy it. I’ll have a great deal more to say related to The Monster in the Hollows as the tour advances, but in the meantime I encourage you to check out what the other tour members thought of our featured book.


    • Sarah Sawyer
      September 20, 2011 - 12:01 pm · Reply

      Oh, I think you’ll like the series! In my opinion, each successive book in the series has been even better than the last (though I’ve enjoyed them all), so I can’t wait for the final installment. 🙂

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