Holy of Holies


With spring coming and the world wakening anew, this poem by GK Chesterton caught my eye. While short, the poem provides a fitting reminder of the wonder in the smallest and simplest aspects of the world around us. I’m not a writer of poetry, so I cannot critique its quality, I can only appreciate the perspective it provides.

Holy of Holies

By GK Chesterton

‘Elder father, though thine eyes
Shine with hoary mysteries,
Canst thou tell what in the heart
Of a cowslip blossom lies?

‘Smaller than all lives that be,
Secret as the deepest sea,
Stands a little house of seeds,
Like an elfin’s granary.

‘Speller of the stones and weeds,
Skilled in Nature’s crafts and creeds,
Tell me what is in the heart
Of the smallest of the seeds.’

‘God Almighty, and with Him
Cherubim and Seraphim,
Filling all eternity—
Adonai Elohim.’


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