Fantasy and Faith

Christian Fantasy God

From the time I could string letters together to form words, I’ve been an avid reader, plunging into the world of imagination with abandon. This led to writing stories and worlds of my own, which have blossomed into five completed novels and notebooks full of ideas. In the last few years, I have begun the journey toward finding a publishing home for them.

At the core, I desire that love for God and the love of God define all I do. This bleeds into every area of my life, writing included, and God has been my primary guide on this life journey. He holds the title of chief Author and Creator and from him ultimately comes my passion for storytelling and world-creating—and my interest in fantasy, which reflects the supernatural realms for which He created us.

On this blog, I plan to delve into matters of fantasy, faith, and the intersection between the two as well as explorations of fairy tales, myths, and legends. We’ll be visiting the fantastic in the everyday world and exploring realms of imagination and creativity. I’ll also share news about Christian speculative fiction, participate in tours to highlight authors and books, and offer occasional book reviews. Ultimately, I hope for vibrant discussion as other fantasy readers and writers share their opinions, so I welcome dialogue of all sorts.

I hope you find something here to catch your attention and captivate your imagination. I’ll be blogging every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so check back often!

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