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From time to time, I stumble across websites that I’m certain other fantasy readers (and writers) will enjoy. One of these is The Encyclopedia of Arda, dedicated to everything Tolkien. The site is still in development (after all there’s a lot of material to incorporate), but already it has quite a bit to offer.

As the name suggests, the site offers an encyclopedia encompassing Middle Earth’s people, races, animals, plants, songs, symbols, foods, and more. It also shares maps, genealogies, and illustrations, plus some additional features that are just plain fun, like an interactive calendar that will tell you what any given day of our year is in The Shire Calendar, The Steward’s Reckoning, Reckoning of Rivendell, and others.

Be sure to also check out the FAQ section, where you can find answers to questions such as “Where can I learn to speak Elvish, or find an Elvish dictionary?” and “What types of New World plants were there in Middle-earth, and how did they get there?”

In addition to all the on-site offerings, they have a huge selection of links to other Tolkien sites and info on the web. So whatever you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it in the Encyclopedia or their collection of links.

If you’re a fan of Tolkien’s work, you may want to drop by and spend a little while exploring. Have fun!

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