Eight Year Journey

God Writing

Yes, I’m alive—despite not having touched this blog in eight years! As you can see, I’ve just overhauled the website, and I hope to return to the blog at some point. When I wrote the last post here, I never imagined eight years would pass before I shared the next one, and given the length of time, I’m not sure that anyone will be around to read this update. But in case anyone still subscribes, I wanted to share a little of my journey during this time.

After my last post came two difficult years. In the aftermath of helping my family through the accident, my own health deteriorated further until I came to a crisis point in late 2013-early 2014. And then in March 2014, I received a tremendous gift—God brought healing to my body. I’ve shared the full story elsewhere, for those who have interest.

When I shared here previously about the accident and my health issues, I know many of you prayed for me and for my family, and I’m delighted to share that not only did God bring healing to my body, but my sisters are thriving, and my sister-in-law recovered far beyond what doctors ever predicted. Her story is still unfolding, as she continues to take significant strides year by year. She’s doing so well!

For me, the six years post-healing have been ones of increasing in health and entering into the entirely new season of motherhood, with all the demands that pregnancy and newborns/toddlers/preschoolers entail. It’s a wonderful blessing, and one we prayed for over many years! The transition to becoming a mama consumed my attention for a season, but I’ve been back to writing for a while now. I jumped into an entirely new world/series and enjoyed the process of drafting the first book of four. Returning to that place of creativity has felt so satisfying, and now I’m working on final edits for that story and developing a number of others as well as tinkering with some non-fiction.

At the immediate moment, I don’t intend to relaunch this blog, though I’ve loved connecting with other fantasy enthusiasts and creative minds here in the past, and I’d like to return in the future (possibly even later this year). But for now, I’m posting occasionally on a devotional blog, which you can find at sarahnasal.com, and I’ve joined the group blog Lands Uncharted, where I post monthly.

These past years have been quite the adventure, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next ones hold! There may be a global pandemic at the moment, but God’s goodness and mercy are still steadfast and present for us all, and I’m so thankful for Him.



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