None of my books are published yet, but this will give a little glimpse at some of my completed manuscripts.

Strong as Death

Her family and her village were her life…

For centuries, the Amroth desert has remained untouched by outsiders. But when a brutal enemy invades without warning, destroying villages and then vanishing into the rocky cliffs, terror sweeps the land.

In the wake of the devastation, Liana Aieul must lead the few survivors of her village to their one hope of safety: a mystical hidden refuge that may not even exist.

Pursued by an unstoppable foe and plagued by her own self-doubt, she must unravel the mystery of her past and her future in time to reach refuge. If she fails, they will join the dead.

Beauty for Ashes

She must journey where evil roams…

Ostracized for her beliefs and associating with an outcast, Bella Destan finds her identity in caring for her family. When her father disappears, threatening to split the family forever, she is driven to follow him into the Northlands, where the villagers fear to tread.

What will she do if rumors of lurking evil turn out to be true?

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