An Interview at The Writer’s Lair

If you’ve been around here any length of time, you’ll know I don’t talk a lot about myself and my writing. That being said, I enjoy learning about the writers of blogs I read, and I thought you might like a chance to do the same. So I’d like to point you to an interview I did for Mary Pursselley earlier this week, in which we discuss topics related to writing, mythology, creativity, and more.

Not only is Mary a great interviewer, she’s also fellow writer of Christian fantasy and a thoughtful, creative blogger. If you stop by The Writer’s Lair, make time to peruse the archives where Mary explores a variety of matters related to speculative fiction from a Christian worldview.

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2 Responses to An Interview at The Writer’s Lair

  1. Mary says:

    Thanks for taking time to chat with me, Sarah. I had a great time with you!

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