Worlds of Inspiration

It begins with the smallest experience. A star-studded night sky, resplendent with glory. A melody, haunting in loveliness. A child’s laughter. A sunrise. And something grips your soul with yearning beyond comprehension, the certainty that a world greater and more beautiful lies just beyond the reach of your perception. In that moment, you catch a glimpse of the numinous, the wonders of eternity distilled into a single soul-stirring encounter.

Echoes of the Numinous

On the pages of fantasy, these echoes of the numinous resound. They pull back the veil of time and space and the constraints of our world to reveal the greater reality that underpins it. As CS Lewis stated, fantasy in its truest and best form “gets under our skin, hits us at a deeper level than our thoughts or even our passions, and in general shocks more fully awake than we are for most of our lives.” Fantasy realms where the extraordinary inhabits everyday life reveal the truth of our own world, our destiny, and our calling. We are meant for the supernatural, for realms of wonder and great glory, for encounter with the One who is transcendent, majestic, and altogether beautiful.

Dreamers of Dreams

Fantasy raises our vision to this higher reality. As our imaginations stir and we remember we were created for more than our natural senses now perceive, for a supernatural way of life, our hearts awaken to Truth. Desire and understanding, once released, spur us to seek the One who fulfills the desire, to dream the truest dreams, and walk in the realms of our destiny.

If these matters of fantasy, faith, and the intersection between the two intrigue you, I invite you to wander around and explore this site. Please join in the conversation and let your voice be heard.

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